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Quick Report Systems specialize in creating simplified commercial report software that is both flexible and cost effective, enabling better time management and service delivery through interactive, web-based reports, dashboards and analysis.

Did You Know?

Quick Report Systems is a Canadian company. Located deep in Ontario's Lake Country, we truly are a software company with a difference. Of course, our geographical situation is not the only reason that we consider ourselves to be so distinct; we are a company founded upon a very strong team oriented work ethic and we believe that everyone involved with our company has a voice and everyone will be heard. We also like to listen closely to our customers and regularly take on-board suggestions for improving our work whenever possible.

Our Services 

We offer a complete service and love every aspect of what we do. From start to finish we strive to build software applications that provide the tools to ensure you're a success! Our support structure allows us to not only assist our end users but also learn from their experiences to grow our platforms that will complement any business!

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  • Job Specific Software
  • Mobile Applications
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  • Full Service Development Team
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Useful & Usable

For a software application to be used it has to be useful. QRS strives to create tools for people to use in business that are both useful and useable. Our success depends upon the success of our customers and this, in turn is enabled by providing our client's with solid and intuitive software solutions.

Developing differently

We could have been just like the others!

But, we believe in

Some people are afraid of it, and we used it in our Favour.

The Results!

Our revolutionary Software

We develop mobile & web software focused on helping business owners save time
to grow their business 

We offer affordable quality solutions to reduce your costs and
maximize your business growth.

A Few Of OUR Solutions

QRIDit® Home Watch allows you to manage your entire business from one place. From scheduling visits to sending reports to invoicing your clients, it all happens inside QRIDit® Home Watch.

Your clients get peace of mind knowing you were actually at their property with our built in GPS Geo-Fence technology.

It's no wonder that our top clients have increased their turnover by over 30% in their first year of using QRIDit® Home Watch.

QRIDit® Home Watch was built specifically for Home Watch business by Home Watch professionals.

QRIDit® Estimator App allows you to create professional estimates of what you will be charging for your Home Watch visits.
Seamless setup saves time on every estimate by standardizing your home watch visits.
  • Establish your own estimated default times
  • Set a dollar value for your Base
  • Rate Customize or use standard times for each site
  • Auto Calculate Total Time and Cost for each Estimate
QRIDit® Estimator app is available for both Android and iOS devices.
Just go to your app store and type in "Qridit Estimator" and download the app today. 

Task’n Track

Task’n Track allows you to Task Staff, Vendors and Contractors that work on your remote job sites, get confirmation when they accept their tasks then track their time and progress on each work site. 

Know when your Staff, Vendors and Contractors arrive and depart at all of your worksites without clocking in, it all happens automatically using GPS Geofencing Technology. 

Task’n Track not only tracks total time on each site it also tracks the time for specific tasks!  

Save $$$ from inaccurate timesheets with Task’n Tack today! 

Hey It’s Ready notifies your customers when their order is ready for pickup. 

Nobody wants to wait in line or guess when their order is ready for pickup!  

Hey It’s Ready works with any business that offers Curbside Pickup! 

If you offer Curbside Pickup your businesses can avoid long lines and frustrated customers by notifying them when their order and services are ready!

QRIDit® Essentials 

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Canada QR

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Custom Saas Report Apps

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Our software solutions start as concepts thought up by our visionary team who have spotted a "gap in the market" or a way in which to better execute an existing idea. We love turning an initial idea in to a fully working and salable piece of software that helps businesses to flourish.

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